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Demand Response

Develop, implement, and evaluate demand response strategies and programs.

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Renewable Energy & Storage

Unlock the value of large-scale clean energy through our strategic advisory and revenue modelling services.

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Energy Synapse provides market intelligence software as well as custom modelling, advisory, and research services to help empower investment in clean energy.

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Energy Market Analysis

Tailored analysis to help you understand wholesale energy and FCAS markets, and impacts of market rules and government policy.

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Get the insights you need to make strategic decisions with our customised data driven research.

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"This is the transition decade

Australia's energy system is undergoing the biggest transformation in its history, and it is happening this decade. We are proud to be a trusted independent advisor, helping both the private and public sectors to invest wisely in clean energy."

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AGL Loy Yang A coal-fired power station
How coal turned from biggest asset to biggest risk for energy companies

September 13, 2021

Having cheap coal-fired generation in your electricity portfolio used to be one of the biggest competitive advantages for vertically integrated e ...

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Fast frequency response coming to the NEM
Fast Frequency Response is coming to the NEM

May 3, 2021

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has recently published a Read more >