Performance of wind and solar farms in the NEM FY2018


Performance of wind and solar farms in the NEM FY2018


This report assesses the real world performance of large scale wind and solar farms in the National Electricity Market (NEM) in Australia during financial year 2018.

Our analysis is based on a comprehensive review of 34 wind farms and six solar farms, with a combined capacity of 4.1 GW. This captures almost 70% of the large scale variable renewable energy capacity in the NEM.

We provide estimates of the spot market revenue for each generator and an analysis of the key factors that drive value in the wholesale market. This includes wind and solar generation patterns, capacity factors, geographic diversity, network constraints, marginal loss factors, and spot price patterns.

This report is best suited for:

  • Renewable energy developers identifying their next site for wind or solar generation and building a realistic business case

  • Market generators looking to benchmark the performance of their assets

  • Retailers and large energy users interested in wind or solar power purchase agreements (PPAs)

  • New entrants in the Australian market looking to understand the key factors that influence spot market revenues in the NEM