Demand Response

Demand response will be an increasingly important source of flexibility in the grid as the uptake of variable renewable energy continues to grow. This means that demand response will become increasingly valuable for those who provide it. Our practical advice is geared to set you up for success.

Practical implementation of demand response

Who we work with?

We work with large energy users, virtual power plant aggregators, and electricity retailers to help you evaluate the opportunities for demand response and to develop practical DR programs.

In terms of large energy users, our specialty lies in advising companies in heavy industry with an annual electricity spend over $40 million.

Why choose us?

At Energy Synapse, our knowledge is not limited to the theoretical aspects of energy market economics. Our team is highly experienced in executing demand response programs and we know what it takes to succeed in practice.

We understand that most consumers and businesses have limitations on their ability to shift load and that other obligations (such as to customers, staff, and comfort) tend to come first. This is why we take the time to understand the unique operational characteristics and constraints of your demand response portfolio, so that we can develop a strategy and program with the highest opportunity for success.

Our practical experience gives us a solid understanding of opportunities and risks involved in delivering demand response, and hence we are well placed to advice on commercial terms in contractual negotiations.


Demand response research

Who we work with?

We work with government departments/agencies and other interested parties to deliver quality research, which examines the opportunities and outlook for demand response, evaluates market rules and regulations, and evaluates impacts on the National Electricity Market.

Why choose us?

Energy Synapse has delivered several landmark studies on demand response for clients such as the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). We bring together our skills in market analysis, literature reviews and stakeholder consultation to develop a comprehensive, robust and efficient research plan.

Our biggest asset comes from the many years we have spent implementing demand response programs. Demand response has traditionally been implemented via bilateral contracts, which are not visible to market operators and regulators. Our practical experience gives us a unique perspective and ensures that research is firmly rooted in reality.



Renewable Energy and Storage

Whether you are a project developer, investor, retailer or large energy user, we can help you to unlock the full potential of renewable energy and energy storage. We are not a supplier of renewable technologies nor do we receive commissions from any vendor. This puts us in a unique position to provide completely independent advice to ensure that the benefit to your business is maximised.

Our expertise includes

  • Scoping studies to help you develop a clean energy strategy. Our technology expertise includes solar PV, wind, battery storage, and pumped hydro.
  • Forecasting of prices in wholesale energy and FCAS markets.
  • Investment grade revenue modelling for battery storage and renewables.
  • Advice on market rules, government policy, and government grants.
  • Benchmarking the performance of every large-scale clean energy asset in the NEM via our software platform.



Energy Market Analysis

Australia’s National Electricity Market is evolving quickly as it undergoes the biggest transformation in its history. We can help you stay ahead of the curve by providing analysis that is tailored to your needs. We can structure analysis to help you understand pricing dynamics in wholesale energy and FCAS markets, generator bidding behavior, impacts of market rules and much more!

Our software platform also has many valuable insights on the NEM.



Data Driven Research

The energy industry is transforming rapidly, meaning that now more than ever, organisations need access to quality quantitative insights. We leverage our expertise in objective energy research and statistical data analysis to conduct research into electricity markets, electricity generation, energy storage, energy policy and new energy technologies such as hydrogen, electric vehicles, and electrification of industry. Our research is customised for the specific needs of your organisation to allow you to undertake strategic planning and position your organisation for the future.